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Bioethanol Fires

We supply and install the Chesneys Alchemy and Salisbury range of Bioethanol Fires, these stunning fires give a beautiful living flame and are there are options for use both in and out of the home.

The benefits of a Pellet Stove include being:

Beautifully styled fireplaces

Environmentally friendly luxury heating

Low maintenance & highly economical

No chimney is needed, non-invasive installation

Fully remote controlled, with automatic ignition

100% energy efficient & odour-free when in use

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What is a Bioethanol Stove or Fire?
How is it eco-friendly?

A Bioethanol Stove or Fire is a type of heating appliance that uses Bioethanol as its fuel source. Unlike traditional wood-burning stoves or gas fires, Bioethanol Fires do not require a flue or chimney, as they produce no smoke and only release small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The Chesneys Alchemy and Salisbury fires have their own distinct and stunning look, marking them out as some of the best Bioethanol Fires for sale.

The benefits of using a Bioethanol Stove include ease of installation, as the don’t need extensive modifications to a building. They offer a real flame without the soot or ash associated with wood-burning alternatives, making them an eco-friendly option for a cleaner environment. Also, Bioethanol is a renewable energy source derived from agricultural products, which means it reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

With the added convenience of easy refuelling and low maintenance, Bioethanol Stoves are rapidly gaining popularity among environmentally conscious consumers looking for a simple, elegant heating solution.

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Explaining Bioethanol Stoves

Bioethanol Stoves are contemporary stoves that utilise liquid Bioethanol fuel for combustion. They offer a clean-burning alternative to traditional wood or gas stoves.

Renewable fuel that’s easy to install

A Bioethanol Stove, also known as a Bioethanol Fire, is a type of fireplace that uses Bioethanol as its fuel source. Bioethanol is a renewable resource and burns cleanly, releasing only carbon dioxide, water vapour, and heat. These stoves do not require a flue or chimney, as they do not produce harmful smoke or soot. The primary function of a Bioethanol Stove is to provide heat and ambience, similar to a traditional fireplace, but without the need for extensive installation work.

Design led

Chesneys Bioethanol stoves come in two designs, Alchemy and Salisbury. The installation process is relatively straightforward due to the absence of a need for a chimney or flue. These stoves can be placed in many different areas of a home, providing flexibility in design and space planning. Key considerations during installation include room ventilation and proximity to combustible materials to ensure safety.

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Advantages of Bioethanol Fires

Bioethanol Fires provide a modern solution to heating, combining environmental benefits with ease of maintenance and design versatility.

Low Environmental Impact

Bioethanol Fires utilise liquid Bioethanol as fuel, which is a renewable energy source produced from agricultural feed. When burned, Bioethanol produce less carbon dioxide compared to traditional wood-burning or fossil fuel stoves, making it a more environmentally friendly option. Plus these fires do not emit smoke, soot or ash that can harm air quality, giving a cleaner combustion process.

Improved Safety and Maintenance

With no need for a chimney or flue, Bioethanol Fires reduce the risk of chimney fires or gas leaks. Maintenance is also minimal, with no ash to clean or logs to replace. The fuel is contained in a secured burner, limiting the risk of spillage. The simplicity of the design also makes it easy to refuel, usually with a safety nozzle to prevent overfilling and spillage.

They look great!

Our Bioethanol Fires come in three designs, allowing them to be easily integrated into room aesthetics and layouts. They can be installed virtually anywhere without the restrictions of a chimney, optimising space. The real flame produced by Bioethanol Fires adds an inviting ambience that enhances a room.

Bioethanol FAQs

What is a Bioethanol stove?

A bioethanol stove is a type of heater that uses a renewable energy source called bioethanol fuel made from plant by-products. Because it produces minimal emissions and no smoke it doesn't require a chimney or flue. This makes it an eco-friendly and flexible heating option for modern homes.

Can you use Bioethanol fires indoors?

Bioethanol fires can be used indoors as they don't require a chimney and burn cleanly without releasing smoke. They produce mainly water vapour and a small amount of CO2 making them suitable for indoor use in well-ventilated areas.

How does a Bioethanol fireplace work?

A bioethanol fireplace burns liquid bioethanol fuel which produces a clean flame without smoke, ash or soot. The combustion process releases heat, water vapour and very little CO2, providing a clean and efficient source of warmth and ambiance.

Do you need a chimney for a Bioethanol fire?

Bioethanol fires burn cleanly, producing no smoke or ash. As such there is no need for a chimney or flue. They are designed for indoor use where conventional venting is not possible, making them versatile and easy to install.

Where can I see a Bioethanol Fire in Bedfordshire?

Here at Ampthill Fireplaces we supply and install the Chesneys Alchemy and Salisbury range of Bioethanol Fires. These stunning fires give a beautiful living flame with options for use both in and out of the home. Get in touch with us to arrange a showroom visit to find out more.