Scan Wood Burning Stoves

We supply and fit the Scan Wood Burning Stoves. This includes their Scan 41, Scan 66, Scan 80 and Scan 85 Series.

Below is a selection of the Scan Wood Burning Stoves we offer at Ampthill Fireplaces, visit our showroom to view Scan Wood Burning Stoves for yourself and see which fire suits your home.

Scan was established in Odense, Denmark in 1978 and they too produce wood burning stoves, with a focus on both function and aesthetic design to offer you a warming yet visually pleasing stove. The stoves are designed with versatility in mind as to suit various different interior styles, with the use of clean line work that is fitting with traditional Danish design, which has won this company various awards and great recognition. As one of the top wood burning stove brands, Scan are often recognised frothier innovative design, as the first stove company to use sliding stove doors, 90 degree angle glass as well as glass handles. They ensure high quality and satisfaction for customers by having their factory in Denmark where the products can be monitored at every stage of production. They also sell a range of accessories to accompany their stoves for the finishing touches such as floor plates, wood holders and flue pipes.